Virtual Donor Wall

We wish to thank each and every one of our generous donors who have helped to make EM research possible over the past year. Click on the links below to view our 2016 Virtual Donor Wall (for all donations received since January 1, 2016).

EM Circles

Past Presidents’ Circle
Board/Past Boards’ Circle
Ten-Year Circle
CAEP Staff Circle

All Donors

Abraham Meyer

Alan Drummond

Alecs Chochinov

Amy Plint

Andrew Affleck

Anthony Herd

Anthony Lyons

Arthur Ryder

Benjamin Fuller

Bernard Mathieu

Boon Chang

Brent Thoma

Bruce McLeod

Carolyn Snider

Carrol Ann Lapierre

Charles Ngeribara

Christina Bova

Christopher Hicks

Chryssi Paraskevopoulos



Chuanyi Nie

Colin Sutton

David Barbic

David Migneault

David Rosenstein

Debbie Phillips

Douglas Sinclair

Erin Carvalho (Bearss)

Gail Chapman

Gary Joubert

Georgina Manca

Gisele Leger

Grant Innes

Gregory Mosdossy

Guy Hebert

Heather King

Howard Ovens

Ian Wishart

Ian Stiell



Isabelle Bertrand

Jacques Lee

Janice MacIsaac

Jim Christenson

Jeff Perry

Jennifer Artz

Jonathan Jowett

Josh Koczerginski

Justin Yan

Karen Brunner

Karen Woolfrey

Kelly Wyatt

Kylie Bosman

Laurie Mazurik

Laurie Robichaud

Lorne Wiesenfeld

Marcel Emond

Margaret Fraser

Merril Pauls

Michael Heiber

Milind Limaye




Nadim Lalani

Nancy Zuzic

Patricia Murphy

Patrick Archambault

Paul Atkinson

Paul Ellis

Paul Pageau

Rebeccah Rosenblum

Roger Walmsley

S.A. Van Zyl

Shawn Spelliscy

Shirley Lee

Stephane Borreman

Stephanie Boyd

Steve Lin

Thomas Miller

Tom Chan

Tom Currie

Troy Turner

Vera Klein



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