Success Stories

Our donors know that the CAEP Grant Competition strongly encourages emergency physicians in Canada to participate in emergency medicine research. These grants not only support research that improves patient care, but also improves the training of our next generation of career researchers.

The importance of the return on investment of CAEP grants is supported by a measure of the scholarly outcomes of these awards (Bawden et al, CJEM 2010: 12, 33–8). The authors concluded that “overall, the CAEP Research Grants Competition has produced impressive results …for ensuring study completion and securing additional funding.” In 2016, a follow-up study was published (Artz et al, Research Evaluation (2016) doi: 10.1093/reseval/rvv046), which found that “junior investigators benefit immediately from the funding that supports their research interests, and the funding may also serve as an investment in the fostering of career researchers by encouraging junior physician-scientists to pursue a research career.”

CAEP profiled a number of Research grant recipients to see the individual impact of the CAEP grants on careers. Please click on the links below to read the CAEP Research in Action Profiles of some of our members to see exactly how research does make a difference.

We have also posted links to the Talk Nerdy to Me video series below, which highlights EM research through the CAEP Abstract Competition.

     CAEP Research in Action Profiles

Ken Icon

 Talk Nerdy to Me – with host Ken Milne

Season Two

Bjug Borgundvaag: Rise to the challenge for MRSA
Kyla Caners: Document your code status
Meghan Garnett: Don’t drink and drive
Michele Foster: Shifty research
Natalie Le Sage: Mild traumatic brain injuries
Aleem Adatia: We can all improve our charting
Jonny ElserafiHave a heart….score
Jessica McCallum: Need a prospective study
Marcel Émond: Frailty levels in older persons with minor fractures 
Jennifer Artz: Support research by attending Docs that Rock

Season One

Sally Carver: A new app that helps to assess alcohol withdrawal
Teresa Chan: Learn more about the McMAP
Kelly Van Diepen: Learn how to meet them, greet them, treat them, and street them
James Gould
: Is in the zone
Chris Fabian: Get the chills

If you have any questions contact Jennifer Artz (, Senior Research Manager at 613.523.3343 x 18.

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