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Monday, June 6, 2016 at #CAEP16 in Québec City

21:00 – 01:00

Docs that Rock is back for another great evening of rock and roll hits. This popular event will take place at Dagobert, a ten-minute walk from the Hilton Québec. Join the party featuring legendary performances of Peter Toth and his fellow emergency physicians who have made Docs that Rock famous.

PRICE PER PERSON: $35.00 (net proceeds will benefit the EM Advancement Fund)

If you are registered for the conference and interested in participating in the band Docs that Rock, please contact Peter Toth at


A Note from Peter Toth, EMAF Event Chair

“We played our first Docs that Rock in Ottawa in 2008. We are emergency physicians from across the country who have a passion for playing rock and jazz. Our initial goal was to raise a few dollars for the Research Fund by playing a few songs and entertaining a few colleagues at a local pub. Well, our and their enthusiasm got the best of us, and we’ve played all across the country and raised thousands. Please come and join us in Edmonton for Docs that Rock 2015 on Monday, June 1st, during the CAEP Conference. And the Jazz Docs will play their first ever Welcome Reception at the Art Gallery of Alberta on Sunday.”

Peter Toth
EMAF Event Chair, Docs that Rock.

Docs that Rock Concert T-Shirts

Docs that Rock has become a signature event at the CAEP Conference. It has supported EM research and will continue to, because net proceeds will be directed to the Annual Fund of the EM Advancement Fund (EMAF). Help us further support Docs that Rock fundraising by purchasing a Docs that Rock” t-shirt or an “I ♥ CAEP” t-shirt.


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